Zayne Hill

AKA Rexoto


Professional C# Programmer & Unity3D Developer

My name is Zayne Hill and I am a programmer/game designer. I have been developing games using Unity3D and coding with C# for the past 8 years. Since 2016 I have been releasing games and apps through my business Rexoto Games as well as taking on freelance and contract work. I have also created my own websites using my knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP.

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Zayne Hill

I have worked with multiple different genres like Racing, TPS, FPS, RPG and Horror. I have worked with many advanced concepts such as procedural generation, Augmented/Virtual Reality, User-generated content/Mods and advanced Inverse Kinematics/Procedural Animation.
I recently released Lake Facade and am currently working on a full version, Lake Facade: Director's Cut

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Business & Marketing

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Here are some of my latest Games/Projects.

Melee Combat Framework
Poly Drift

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I installed Unity3D for the first time and began learning C#. Having no programming knowledge I started playing around in Unity, watching tutorials and picking apart open source projects. After a year my skills were at a point where I felt like I could start to working on all of the projects that inspired me to start my Game Dev journey to begin with.


A lot of time spent making projects in my spare time to polish my skills. Ranging from Racing, FPS, Horror and Strategy. Each iteration I notice things I can improve on and find ways to improve my workflow. This led to me to working on more and more complex ideas like Procedural Generation and Inverse Kinematics


Rexoto Games is officially founded for the release of Poly Drift, A mobile arcade racing game! Quickly gaining traction then getting on the Play Store Indie Showcase and making its way to the front of the Racing and Drifting categories. I also acquired an Oculus Rift DK2 and began experimenting with VR


I began studying I.T. and Systems Administration this year, but was still very driven to continue my work after the success of Poly Drift. So I started doing occasional freelance work to polish my skills and make some money, while continuing to work on mobile game projects. Such as a First Person Horror game with heavy focus on graphical fidelity on mobile, A freemium management game in the vein of Fallout Shelter with more depth and a First Person RPG with a Procedurally Generated World, Quests and Dungeons


During my second year of study I had less spare time so did less freelance work. Due to this I worked on smaller but more complex and focused projects. I worked on a universal Level Editor with C# or LUA mod support and CSG map creation, a Procedural Physics Based Animation System to make up for my ability to animate and a generic system for using mobile devices as controllers intended for party games


Now finished studying I decided I wanted to continue doing Game Dev full time. So I did occasional freelance work again and released another mobile game, Poly Drift 2. I also got an Oculus Rift CV1 and quickly became very interested in working with VR. I also wanted to work on a larger project without the limitations of mobile devices, so I started working on NEONPUNK, a SCI‑FI Stealth Immersive-Sim. The basis of the game was complete and I was working on a vertical slice demo before it was eventually shelved due to COVID-19


Once I had an office again and plenty of free time during lockdown I started polishing my skills again by working on a versatile Melee Combat Framework, focused on Responsiveness and a tight gameplay feel in the vein of Devil May Cry. It was designed from the start with ease of use and tweak ability in mind, using a flowchart for combos and an easily extendible API. I also spent more time working with VR, focusing on immersion and attempting to find solutions to common issues seen in VR Games. Pushing this further I started developing a Survival Horror VR game to help identify problems and things that could be improved, while testing more advance mechanics like physical hand interactions, rope and pulley systems and stable physics based doors


After COVID and moving houses I needed more stable income so I started working more in the I.T. field, while continuing my hobby projects. During this time I worked on a Fast-Paced Parkour FPS, focused on style and fluidity. Achieving this fluidity took a lot of forethought and advance math but the end result is exactly what I wanted.
In December I participated in the DreadXP Dredge the Depths Jam and made Lake Facade in under 10 days


I am now working on a full release Lake Facade: Director's Cut and another soon to be announced title. I am also available for gamdev/programming/IT work, contact below.


Tauranga, NZ

[email protected]